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All videos from our services are posted on YouTube for the public to enjoy.

Musical Performances

Title Video
07/21/13: Katapatan Mo O Diyos (feat. Bro. Moises and Bro. Noel)
07/14/13: Your Grace Still Amazes Me (feat. Sis. Ruth and Bro. Cameron)
07/07/13: I Love You, Lord/Thank You
07/07/13: You Never Let Go (feat. Bro. Nathan)
07/07/13: God Will Take Care of You (feat. Sis. Sabrina and Bro. Jordan)
07/07/13: Thank You, Lord, for Your Blessings (feat. Bro. Moises and family)
05/12/13: Teach Me Thy Way, O Lord (feat. Sis. Juanita and Pastor Balmores)
05/05/13: Ready for You (feat. Bro. J.J.)
04/28/13: Itatawid Sa Landas (feat. Bro. Noel)
04/21/13: We Exalt Your Name (feat. Sis. Lianne and Bro. J.J.)
03/31/13: By the Mark (Sonrise Service Version)
03/31/13: By the Mark (Encore Version)
03/17/13: Redeemed (feat. Bro. J.J.)
02/03/13: My Tribute (feat. Sis. Letty and Bro. Moises)
01/27/13: All In the Name of Jesus (feat. Bro. Moises and Bro. Danny)
01/13/13: He Touched Me (feat. Bro. Moises and Bro. Danny)
01/06/13: No One Ever Cared for Me Like Jesus (feat. Bro. Danny and Sis. Gloria)


Title Video Notes
08/25/13: Ministries in Our Lives (by Joash Pangilinan)
08/18/13: Finding Purpose in the Midst of Change (by J.J. Pangilinan)
08/11/13: The New Person in Us That God Can Use for His Glory
08/04/13: What to Do, When Tempted to …
07/28/13: What is That to Thee? Follow Thou Me
07/21/13: Living Life Liberally the Lord's Way
07/14/13: What Are You Longing For?
05/19/13: Claiming Back the Lost First Love for God
05/12/13: A Tribute to the Godly Woman, Wife, and Mother
05/05/13: Is Your Going Rough and Tough? Chin Up … Just Look Up!
04/28/13: The Hope Provided to the Dry Bones
04/21/13: Power Outage, Costly Damages! Is It Worth It?
04/14/13: The Word’s Protective Power vs. the World’s Destructive Elements
04/07/13: Remind Me, Lord, to be Courageous in Times of Challenges
03/24/13: God Validates His Will Through Us
03/17/13: God's Blessings Are Coming, If …
03/10/13: The Genuine Christian Fellowship That God Wants Us to Have
03/03/13: Let Us "Soar" Together for God
02/24/13: What Happens When God Stirs Us?
02/17/13: The Love of God in Us: It's Worth Living For
02/10/13: What We Need to Succeed in the Lord's Ministry
02/03/13: Goodbye Attitude, Welcome Godly Character!
01/27/13: The Best is Still to Come: Getting Things Done for God’s Glory
01/20/13: Getting Ready for Eternity: The Foundations on Which to Build On
01/13/13: What Can Be Done When Tempted to …
01/06/13: Heaven: The Most Blessed Hope
12/30/12: Don't Worry, Just Dream Big (By P.J. Pangilinan)